The Sanity Universal (2013)


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Seizures' 2nd full length. Recorded at Bright Lights Studios in Santa Ana, CA from April - October 2013. Produced by Erol "Rollie" Ulug. Written and performed by Seizures.


released 15 November 2013



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Track Name: Chanter
All lights go out when the devil is born.
Track Name: Product of a Time Loss Scenario
I’m spent, mind bent, mental forfeit. This is betrayal in it’s truest form. Black hole arrives by surprise. No shine when the stars die far above. The eye, a thief in the night. Robs me of all sight. No calm before the storm. Event horizon draws nigh. Twenty five years, a bottomless pit. A chasm is opened, my wounds are unstitched. A chasm releases, my watchers are unhitched. Caught in the culmination’s funnel. Cognition maimed. This floor…it is inconstant. I feel I know too much. I scratch and claw familiar walls. No room to breathe, no help to call. Shamelessly lie, just let me fall. I need to die. Lost time, lost sight. When truly blind, who will soothe my cries. When rendered completely and totally powerless, then and only then could you have the slightest clue. Lupus of the psyche. Civil war too close for comfort. I am done, I have given in…If surrendering truly damns me. Black hole, consume my white flag soaked in synapse blood stains. Am I possessed?
Track Name: Perch Nights and the Cigarette Succession
Near is my gaze, downcast my face. The trudging just quickens with time. An ocean awaits, heart palpitates in effort to make known it's cries. Life has a way of shifting it's shape once you finally begin to catch on. The foundation's rattled and all that you once thought was wrong...might not be so wrong. Store's open late, fortunately. Medication's on my plate tonight. Purchase with haste and head for the gates. A rendezvous with solitude, then again I'm not always correct. Perch nights set me free from bonds making this heart bleed and quietly weep. Life has a way of shifting it's shape once you finally begin to catch on. Foundation's rattled and all that you once thought was...far from home. Not so far off. They watch my every step. Far from home wrapped in blackened robes. Black thoughts which they hold. Channel by day, haven by night. All memories fade in hopes that this might. Starlight intruders, obscure what they will. If this is what's wrong, why couldn't I be right? Cigarette embers are my only light.
Track Name: Channeler
A soft gleam of light directs a bedeviled mind. I feel an onshore breeze and sense the water's deep. Perhaps only here a moment's peace I'll find. Once upon a time when true desires weren't crimes, I recollect a life when innocence was mine. I'm off the fence, but I don't the end. I've stayed bewildered for so long. I couldn't opt for wrong or right if I tried. Back and forth, year by year, questions with no answers followed by anxious tears. What am I? I realize it's a wonder that I am still alive. Half a life, petrified, on which path will I ultimately decide? May I enjoy it while it lasts.
Track Name: Kansas
This place of well renown. Wealthy, safe and sound, beauty in every town, dollars all around. As far as eyes can see. Coastlines. Abundant seas. A surplus of gaiety. Affluence surrounding me. Yet, proliferating under the facade. To those who will never see, it's more than meets the eye. Amongst involuntary thrones, it's privilege mistaken as right. Provides the every need, vice has become viceroy. Running rampant. Unabashed, undisguised, and victorious. Picturesque land of the free and filthy. What will you do when all wealth is taken away...and you have only yourself to blame? Under this facade a coffin confidently waits. Those who will never know.
Track Name: The Story's As Old As The Pills
Nine years of age, completes the eden stage. And so we turn the page. Now I'm awake. Came to in a chemist's dream (forced ingestion) of capsule shapes inhibiting a technicolor scheme of apothecaries too close to me. As far as these eyes could see. Transparent tubes, prescriptive reads. Living in a chemist's world (forced perception), where gospel is physician's word. Do you dare question authority? New thought prohibition. Right brain submission. A strange one's advice, therapy. On the reg, week by week, a fortune made to hear me speak. Adulthood epiphany. Remain diseased or reach lucidity?
Track Name: Suicide Support Hotline
Long forgotten. The quiet sounds of distance brings a light to shadows. Illumination to reality. All the eyes I trust have turned away. Abandonment confirmed and I'm here to stay. Gone in my disorder, I still don't understand how I'm not dead yet. The Draper ice still fresh. Now sober eyes, just off the meds. A warm welcome back...once pristine shores now painted black. Still gone. Is this where I truly belong? Track mark like scars still wet. Blood of past year's battles getting to my head. A sick reminder of the things I will never forget. Souls I once knew have fled. To this strange new place, it seems I'm already dead. Do I cable tow or submit to open war? New demons have materialized. War, I've traded war for war. Call forth the conflict, a fall that declares revenge. Kill the lights, erase three years from my life. Post third attempt, demonic brush with death. The final realization. A calling out, sincerest in nature. What fear has suppressed, I substitute with hatred. This is true self-induced amnesia. This is the Draper ice washing away.
Track Name: The Extra-Dimensional Collection Agency
West sets the sun. Lights on the move. The gloaming's abound. The mirth and rejoice of those who will never be found is ever so palpable. Yet they're not seen. The baying of those who are damned eternally. So close to me. A task is at hand and those who are involved are predestined a certain fate. With eyes on the prize, be certain you're on their mind. Absolutely bent. Perverse and forsaken with an enmity so raw. A hatred of sincerest form towards all things above and below. Know that you and I, in the end, are worth more than gold. To benight a soul for all time is the ultimate goal. Enter sleep, surrendering. I hear your voice. I feel the deep joyless haze ensconced on me, entering. Eyes wide open yet I cannot resist. A loveless entity, disquieting kiss. I come to yet you refuse to remain. Sensory overload, drives me insane. I have no control. Entity. A sane man unfolds. I'm released from parasomnia grasp. Lying alone in hopes to meet you at last.
Track Name: It Looked Like A Fire
AM's white bird peering in as I sleep. Beckoning strange company. The blue mist subsides. Helplessly supine. Expressionless eyes. Overwhelming. Fear stricken, completely paralyzed. Why was I chosen for this? Approaching entities. A conscious surgery. Extractions of the seed. At a loss for words for this disturbing reality. What things will be bred, what lies will be spread? Grey exploitation by will or by force. They won't believe this. Skeptics will dismiss me. I am perpetually scarred. Implanters from beyond the stars. Fly home Zeta Reticuliers.