Product of a Time Loss Scenario

from by SEIZURES



I’m spent, mind bent, mental forfeit. This is betrayal in it’s truest form. Black hole arrives by surprise. No shine when the stars die far above. The eye, a thief in the night. Robs me of all sight. No calm before the storm. Event horizon draws nigh. Twenty five years, a bottomless pit. A chasm is opened, my wounds are unstitched. A chasm releases, my watchers are unhitched. Caught in the culmination’s funnel. Cognition maimed. This floor…it is inconstant. I feel I know too much. I scratch and claw familiar walls. No room to breathe, no help to call. Shamelessly lie, just let me fall. I need to die. Lost time, lost sight. When truly blind, who will soothe my cries. When rendered completely and totally powerless, then and only then could you have the slightest clue. Lupus of the psyche. Civil war too close for comfort. I am done, I have given in…If surrendering truly damns me. Black hole, consume my white flag soaked in synapse blood stains. Am I possessed?


from The Sanity Universal, released October 7, 2014



all rights reserved


SEIZURES California

Seizures is:
Albert Navarro
Cameron Miller
Ian Hodges
Nathan Najera

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