The Extra​-​Dimensional Collection Agency

from by SEIZURES



West sets the sun. Lights on the move. The gloaming's abound. The mirth and rejoice of those who will never be found is ever so palpable. Yet they're not seen. The baying of those who are damned eternally. So close to me. A task is at hand and those who are involved are predestined a certain fate. With eyes on the prize, be certain you're on their mind. Absolutely bent. Perverse and forsaken with an enmity so raw. A hatred of sincerest form towards all things above and below. Know that you and I, in the end, are worth more than gold. To benight a soul for all time is the ultimate goal. Enter sleep, surrendering. I hear your voice. I feel the deep joyless haze ensconced on me, entering. Eyes wide open yet I cannot resist. A loveless entity, disquieting kiss. I come to yet you refuse to remain. Sensory overload, drives me insane. I have no control. Entity. A sane man unfolds. I'm released from parasomnia grasp. Lying alone in hopes to meet you at last.


from The Sanity Universal, released October 7, 2014



all rights reserved


SEIZURES California

Seizures is:
Albert Navarro
Cameron Miller
Ian Hodges
Nathan Najera

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